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October 24
November 22

Ruling Planets
s (also Pluto)


scorpio glyph




Key phrase

I Desire

Intense, Passionate,

Main trait



Eagle, Scorpion

Maroon, Dark Red

Steel, Iron


Body Parts
Regenerative Organs,genitals

Lucky Number

4 and 2

Lucky Day



   Bushy trees

Geranium, Honeysuckle

Aloe, Witch Hazel



Norway, Syria,
Algeria, Zambia


New Orleans,
Washington DC,
Liverpool, Halifax



Ancient drawing of Scorpio

Eagles, Insects

Notable Scorpio

Bill gAtes
Bill Gates



   Other zodiacs

Ninth sign
Nov 23 - Dec 21

C a p r i c o r n
Tenth sign
Dec 22 - Jan 20
Sea goat

A q u a r i u s
Eleventh sign
Jan 21 - Feb 19
Water bearer

P i s c e s
Twelfth sign
Feb 20 - March 20
Fish pair

A r i e s
First sign
March 21 - April 20

T a u r u s
Second sign
April 21 - May 21

G e m i n i
Third sign
May 22 - June 21

C a n c e r
Fourth sign
June 22 - July 22

L e o
Fifth sign
July 23 - Aug 22

V i r g o
Sixth sign
Aug 23 - Sept 22

L i b r a
Seventh sign
Sept 23 - Oct 23

Who keeps an arrow in his bow,
And if you prod him, lets it go?
A fervent friend and subtle foe ??

It is the Scorpio

The ruler of Scorpio is Pluto. Prior to the discovery of the ninth planet, Scorpio was ruled by Mars, which is still considered co-ruler. The sign of cosmic purpose, Scorpio is considered to be the success sign.

Self contained and self centered, concentrated Scorpios usually succeed in whatever they set out to accomplish.

Personal Traits

Scorpions are known for their intense and powerful natures. They are willful, proud and calm with an electrifying undercurrent of seething intensity. Purposeful and animated with force, they project a magnetic personality. Scorpio does nothing in half measures. An all or nothing attitude permeates their entire life. When fixed on something or someone, the scorpion perseveres. Scorpio never settles. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest or not at all. Scorpio will rarely be found in the center of activity, but will always know just what is going on of concern to him.

Their tenacity and willpower are enviable, their depth of character and passionate conviction admirable, but it is their deep sensitivity that makes them the best and most loyal friend. This same quality makes them the most treacherous of enemies.

When they harness their abundant energy constructively, their self-confidence tempered with shrewdness, and their ambition coupled with generosity toward others, they excel at whatever they undertake. Scorpios are demanding of others, but never ask someone to do what they would not do themselves. They can be fanatically focused and work till they drop.


Positive Traits

Scorpio imagination and intuition are excellent. They possess refined critical perception and strong analytical ability. In addition, they seem to demonstrate a natural healing power. These abundant gifts allow Scorpions to penetrate the most profound subjects. They are serious folk, but quite charming to people they like, and when social events call for it. On the positive side, they are hard workers and are willing to help others as long as they are willing to help themselves.

Main positive traits: Motivated, passionate, resourceful, investigative, penetrating, aware.

Negative Traits

Their sensitivity, and pride allow them to be easily hurt, quick to feel insult or injury, even when none is intended, and easily roused to heights of anger. An angry Scorpio is a sight to see. Scorpio seethes, and doesn't give it up. Their tragic flaw is their immense pride. Once wronged, once Scorpio's pride has been diminished, the game of courtesy is over. Many Scorpios possess a suspicious outlook, and need to know the reasons behind everything.

Main negative traits: Intolerant, violent, jealous, resentful, distrusting, secretive, tempermental.


Their inner intensity can result in the ice-cold restraint and detachment of the surgeon, the concentration of the research scientist and the heroism of the soldier. Any profession in which analysis, investigation, research or dealing with the solving of mysteries are present appeals to Scorpio. Their secretive natures make them natural detectives. Police, espionage, the law, physics or psychology are attractive professions to the Scorpio.

As writers and orators they excel. The Scorpio character is the one you see up on the podium delivering fiery speeches. They succeed because they communicate the power of their convictions.

Lucky Stones


Topaz           Citrine

Topaz can be found in a variety of colors, depending on the proportions of water and fluorine impurities (yellow, clear and blue being displayed here). The mineral is a silicate of aluminum.

Alternate Stone is Citrine .In ancient times, it was believed that citrine could bring a sense of balance and well being to the wearer. It should be cleaned in warm soapy water with a soft bristle brush. Citrine can fade in the sun.

For more info on topaz/citrine click here.


Advise for the Scorpios

Your worst fault is you are too adaptable to the people with whom you come into contact. Having an ambition is the only thing that can save the Scorpios. As a rule they go through a great deal of trouble and often privation in their early years. Heart is their weakest organ and they should take care that it is not overstrained in work or exercise.

Origins in Mythology

Look towards the constellation Scorpios, and you shall see one of the greatest stars visible to the human eye. There, at the very heart of the great scorpion is the brilliant Antares! This red giant, is some four hundred times larger than our own sun. Such intense energy burning at the center of this distinct constellation corresponds well to the driving passions which rule over those born in this period.

In Scorpio lore the placement of the Eagle in polarity to the Scorpion is very important. Most Scorpios, if they dare be so revealing, would confess of an ongoing internal conflict between two distinct aspects of their nature. For individuals with a strong Scorpio influence, this may feel sometimes as a civil war of the self. This is not an abnormal psychological state.

Scorpios are a mystery to humanity, shrouded in fear and misunderstanding. Left to their own, they are comfortable in the low lying realms of the world. If provoked, however, they will strike with a deadly vengeance. The Eagle soars. On great wings this ruler of the wind rises above earthbound limitations. From this lofty perspective, the Eagle sees a world others may never dream. Within the spirit of every Scorpio resides this dual nature.

Famous Scorpios

Voltaire (November 21, 1694)
French Philosopher, Author

Marie Antoinette
(November 2, 1755)
Ill-fated Queen of France

John Keats
(October 31, 1795)
English Romantic Poet

Bram Stoker (November 8, 1847)
Irish Novelist
Robert Louis Stevenson (November 13, 1850)
Scottish Novelist
Theodore Roosevelt (October 27, 1858)
American President
Marie Sklodowska-Curie (November 7, 1867)
Polish Chemist-Physicist
Edouard Vuillard (November 11, 1868)
French Painter
Paul Valery (October 30, 1871)
French Poet, Essayist
Stephen Crane (November 1, 1871)
American Poet, Novelist
Guillermo Valencia (October 29, 1873)
Colombian Poet, Author
Pablo Picasso (October 25, 1881)
Spanish Painter
George Patton (November 11, 1885)
Four Star General, US Army, World War II
Katherine Hepburn (November 8, 1906)
American Actress
Johnny Mercer (November 18, 1909)
American Lyricist
Charles Bronson (November 3, 1922)
American Actor
Robert F. Kennedy (November 20, 1925)
U.S. Senator, Attorney General
Ted Turner (November 19, 1938)
American Media Baron, Founder of CNN
Hillary Rodham Clinton (October 26, 1947)
American First Lady, U.S. Senator
Charles, Prince of Wales (November 14, 1948)
Heir to the Crown of England
Whoopi Goldberg (November 13, 1949)
Comedienne, Actress
Bill Gates (October 28, 1955)
Founder of the Microsoft Corporation
Demi Moore (November 11, 1962)
American Actress
Jodi Foster (November 19, 1962)
American Actress, Director
Julia Roberts (October 28, 1967)
American Actress
Winona Ryder (October 29, 1971)
American Actress
Leonardo DiCaprio (November 11, 1974)
American Actor

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