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March 21
April 20

Ruling Planet

Aries glyph




       I Am!!     

Assertive, Impulsive   

Main trait  


        Principle         Action

The Ram






Body Part


Lucky Nos

       1 and 9         

Lucky Day  


       Trees               Thorn bearing trees.

Honey Suckle

Capers, Mustard



England, France,


Ancient drawing of Aries

Notable Arian
Leonardo Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci



Other Zodiacs

T a u r u s
Second sign
April 21 - May 21

G e m i n i
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May 22 - June 21

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June 22 - July 22

L e o
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L i b r a
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S c o r p i o

Eighth sign
Oct 24 - Nov 22

S a g i t t a r i u s

Ninth sign
Nov 23 - Dec 21

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Tenth sign
Dec 22 - Jan 20
Sea goat

A q u a r i u s
Eleventh sign
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Water bearer

P i s c e s
Twelfth sign
Feb 20 - March 20
Fish pair

Who works from morning to evening,
And never likes to be outdone?

Whose walk is almost like a run??

It is the Arian!!


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is ruled by the Mars. This represents offensive power and begins at the spring equinox. In Aries we move from the potential to the actual; from dormant to active participation. Desire, initiative, courage and action are words which best describe Aries.

Personal traits

Openness, enthusiasm and individualism are the main traits of the Arians. They are outspoken, alert, quick to act and speak. They prefer to speak than to listen. Arians are ambitious, with lots of drive and a strong will to lead. They are poor followers. Fiercely independent, they usually take the side of the underdog in any controversy. They are champions of lost causes and losing battles. This trait is due to a strong belief in their own abilities to turn any situation around. 

Arian values are more intellectual than spiritual. Primarily people of action, they demonstrate little subtlety or cunningness. Frank and amiable, they make quick decisions, and grasp ideas very quickly. They are also quick to anger, Arians are known for their impatience, and are prone to be arrogant.

Arians have a strong self image, the ability to think fast and size up most situations in an instant. Arians calculate risks with lightning speed and make decisions accordingly. An adage that fits the Arian well is 'A straight line is the shortest distance between two points'. Arians don't waste time and energy beating around the bush, they come straight to the point, and leave the bodies where they fall.

Positive Traits

Arians are known to be generous people. They give of their time, effort, money and sympathies. They have both moral and physical courage and will give support to anyone they believe is being treated unfairly, or to any cause they deem worthy.They are creative, open hearted, and high spirited.

Main positive traits: Initiating, pioneering, eager, courageous, independent, dynamic.

Negative Traits

A high energy output is cause for great anxiety in some Arians. Sometimes, this anxiety is so intense and unmanageable that it becomes a cause to abandon a venture out of fear of failure. They then redirect their energy into something new. Another flaw in the Arian makeup is a fear of rejection. Rejection is near the top of their list of fears. If the Arian is not certain of acceptance, to avoid rejection, they do the rejecting first. The best defense is a good offense.                                                             

Main negative traits : Quick-tempered, violent, impatient, egotistical, intolerant.


In their professions, Arians need to take charge. The routine or monotonous was not meant for them. Their originality, imagination and great mental and physical energy require work where their can utilize all of these traits. They prefer to work on their own or direct others. They can communicate and form public opinion. Journalism, publicity, advertising, publishing, radio and TV are natural professions for them to prevail in.

The military is another field that is ripe for Arians with its many leadership possibilities. Law enforcement is another commanding vocation that is attractive to Arians. In a similar capacity Aries make excellent surgeons and surgical nurses. In the arts and entertainment field, Arians also do very well. They are endowed with so many valuable assets; a keen intellect, initiative, intuition, inventiveness, energy, leadership qualities and enthusiasm that they'll shine in any profession that they set their sights on.

Lucky stone



Diamonds are the lucky stones of the Arians.

 For more info on Diamonds click here .


Advise for the Arian

Arians have to watch their impatience, lack of thrift, and a domineering attitude. Their ego also requires more than a fair share of continual approval and acclaim. Arians thrive on challenge, and they truly believe they can do anything - so they have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew. Acquiring patience, persistence and perseverance will go a long way in helping them to make the most advantage of their great gifts.

Origins in Mythology

Throughout the ancient Mediterranean region, the Ram figure was associated with the constellation Aries or Arietis. Ares was the Greek god of war and pestilence. He was the son of Zeus and Hera, consort of Aphrodite. The Romans associated Ares with Mars, the enemy of the tyrants and defender of the just. Originally an agricultural god associated with the affairs of spring, Mars assimilated many of the characteristics of Ares since battles were often coordinated at this same time of year. The son of Nepele, Phrixus, was falsely accused of ravishing Biadice. For this, he was condemned to death, but was rescued by a golden ram, sent by the god Mercury. Phrixus escaped safely, and at the ram's request, sacrificed the animal to the god Zeus to honor the initial offering. For his courage, the ram's likeness was set into the heavens.

Cultural Translations of Aries

.Arabic: Al Hamal
Egyptian: Arnum
.French: Bélier  
 .  German: Widder
.Greek: Kriya
Hebrew: Telď
 .Hindu: Aja   
.   Italian: Ariete
.Portuguese: Aries  
 .Spanish: Aries
.Syrian: Amru  
.  Turkish: Kuzi

Famous Arians

    Leonardo Da Vinci (April 15, 1452)
    Italian Architect, Painter, Sculptor
    Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743)
    American Patriot, Essayist, Inventor;
    Third President of the USA
    William Wordsworth (April 7, 1770)
    English Romantic Poet
    Hans Christian Andersen (April 2, 1805)
    Danish Fairy Tale Author
    Vincent Van Gogh (March 30, 1853)
    Dutch Painter
    Robert Frost (March 26, 1874)
    American Poet
    Charlie Chaplin (April 16, 1889)
    English Comedy Actor, Director
    Joan Miró (April 20, 1893)
    Spanish Surrealist Painter
    Dane Rudhyar
    (March 23, 1895)
    French Astrologer; Proponent of Modern
    Joan Crawford (March 23, 1903)
    American Actress
    Gregory Peck
    (April 5, 1916)
    American Actor
    Sarah Vaughan (March 27, 1924)
    American Jazz Singer
    Marlon Brando (April 3, 1924)
    American Actor
    Warren Beatty (March 30, 1937)
    American Film Actor, Director
    Colin Powell (April 5, 1937)
    Current American Secretary of State;
    Former Secretary of Defense
    Elton John (March 25, 1948)
    English Singer, Songwriter
    Eddie Murphy (April 3, 1961)
    American Comedian, Actor
    Celine Dion (March 30, 1968)
    Canadian Singer
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