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August 23
September 22

Ruling Planet



Virgo glyph



Key phrase

I Analyze

Analytical, Critical, Practical

Main Trait





The Virgin

Navy Blue,
Dark Gray, Brown



Body Parts
Bowels, Intestines

Lucky Number

3 and 5

Lucky Day



Nut bearing trees

Small & Colorful

Cat's Ear,



Greece, Turkey,
West Indies,

Paris, Boston, Heidelberg


Ancient drawing of Virgo sign

Domestic animals

Notable Virgo
mother Teresa

Mother Teresa


Other zodiacs

L i b r a
Seventh sign
Sept 23 - Oct 23

S c o r p i o
Eighth sign
Oct 24 - Nov 22

S a g i t t a r i u s
Ninth sign
Nov 23 - Dec 21

C a p r i c o r n
Tenth sign
Dec 22 - Jan 20
Sea goat

A q u a r i u s
Eleventh sign
Jan 21 - Feb 19
Water bearer

P i s c e s
Twelfth sign
Feb 20 - March 20
Fish pair

A r i e s
First sign
March 21 - April 20

T a u r u s  
Second sign
April 21 - May 21

G e m i n i
Third sign
May 22 - June 21

C a n c e r
Fourth sign
June 22 - July 22

L e o
Fifth sign
July 23 - Aug 22

Who criticizes all she sees?
And would even analyse a sneeze.
Who hugs and loves her own disease?

It is the Virgo!!!

The ruler of Virgo is Mercury. The glyph is said to be connected to the Immaculate Conception of the Messiah. It's symbol "The Virgin" originated from the star Spica in the constellation of Virgo.

The Virgo character is precise, refined, and a lover of cleanliness, hygiene and order. Conventional, with a rather reserved manner.They are usually observant, shrewd, critical, and patient. Virgos are undemonstrative due to a coolness in their nature. Very selective, and non committal in friendship, they prefer to keep relationships on a superficial basis.

Personal Traits

Quietly reserved, Virgos are polite and soft spoken people. Unassuming, outwardly cheerful and agreeable, they can be sensible, discreet, wise and witty, with an understanding of other people's problems which they tackle with deftness. Virgos find their friends among those who can help them move up the social strata. They like to associate with achievers.

Both sexes have considerable charm and dignity. In marriage they can be genuinely affectionate, and make good partners and parents. They are meticulous planners, considering every detail and its effect.

There is seldom much room for emotional involvement because the mind is always engaged and dominant. What they lack in passion they make up for in preciseness.When confronted with obstacles, they stay calm and rational and work on finding a solution rather than loosing their cool. This calmness is sometimes seen as being cold and calculating. In spite of this, Virgos are friendly and outgoing people.

Virgoans are essentially tacticians, admirable in the attainment of limited objectives. They have a basic distrust in their nature, not only of other people but themselves as well. They project this mistrust to others and therefore make exacting employers. Although, they will never ask anyone to do what they won't do, it is still asking a lot, because most people will not go to the pains a Virgo will.


Positive Traits

Their mental bend gives them the ability to analyze and solve the most complicated problems. Virgos have a wonderful eye for detail and often neglect the overall issues. Hard workers and conscientious, they are perfectionists with little tolerance for shoddy work. There is no place in their world for people who are footloose and fancy free. More concerned with the outcome than the process, Virgos lack spontaneity.

Main positive traits: Practical, analytical, neat, industrious, detailed.

Negative Traits

On the negative side, Virgos have a penchant for turning molehills into mountains, difficulties into stress and cleanliness into obsessive behavior. There is a need to pay attention to health concerns, particularly those related to overt stress. Virgos are predisposed to worry and hypochondria. They can make themselves so useful to others, it often leaves them vulnerable to exploitation. They need to avoid being shy or inhibited when it comes to dealing with others interests as well as with their personal interests.

Main negative traits: Fault -finding, cynical, shyness, perfectionist, worrying, critical of self/others.


Due to the Virgo preference for detail rather than the big picture, they make better workers than they do leaders. They are practical, mental people, possessing inquiring and logical minds. In this respect, they make excellent students, and good teachers. Practical and good with their hands, they are excellent technicians and have good inventive talents.

Virgos possess a strong potential for the arts, sciences and language. They are well suited for any career where analysis, detail and precision are required. They make excellent programmers, accountants, and statisticians. Many go into medicine, law, and the teaching profession. With an avid interest in history, some Virgos make excellent writers and researchers.

Lucky stone



Sapphire, is of the corundum class of minerals, you may also find yellow and pink corundum gems classified as sapphire. What is responsible for that beautiful, vibrant, deep blue color is the presence of trace impurities of iron and titanium.

For more info on sapphire click here.


Advise for the Virgo

It can be beneficial to take up a hobby which occupies the mind and the hands, while providing a sense of accomplishment. A Virgo finds peace where his or her physical mark can be measured on Earth. Virgos often have a tendency to indulge in drugs or drink. Alcohol deems to be more a poison to them than to any other class. Virgos are likely to have chest trouble and also suffer from neuritis in the shoulder and arms.

Origins in Mythology

Virgo, also known as Astraes, was the daughter of Jupiter and Themses and considered the Goddess of Justice. The constellation is one of only three which represent women.

An alternate belief associates the constellation with the tragic Coronis, lover of the Greek god Apollo. Coronis was mortal and feared that the god would tire of her as she was aged, so she took another mortal, Ischys, as her lover. In his rage, Apollo shot her fatally, with an arrow.

That Coronis was pregnant at the time, did not stay the god's sense of vengeance. Her child, Asclepius, was saved by Hermes, who delivered the baby on the funeral pyre. Entrusted to the care of Chiron, the child grew to become one of the greatest healers of ancient Greece.

Cultural Translations of Virgo

.Arabic: Al Adhrã al Nathifah
.Anglo-Norman: Pulcele
.Chinese: She Sang Neu
 .French: Vierge
.German: Jungfrau
.Greek: Arista
.Hebrew: Bethülah
.Hindu: Kanya
.Italian: Virgine
. Persian: Khosha 
.Portuguese: Virgem
.Spanish: Virgo

Famous Virgos

Queen Elizabeth I(September 7, 1533)
Monarch of England
Johann Christian Bach (September 5, 1735)
German Composer
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly (August 30, 1797)
English Author
Count Leo Tolstoi (August 28, 1828)
Russian Author
Herbert G. Wells (September 21,1866)
English Novelist, Visionary
J. Pierpont Morgan II (September 7, 1867)
American Financier
Agatha Christie (September 15, 1880)
English Mystery Author
Joseph P. Kennedy (September 6, 1888)
American Financier, Ambassador to England,
Father of President John F. Kennedy
Greta Garbo (September 18, 1905)
American Actress
Aristotle Onassis (September 21, 1906)
Greek Billionaire Shipping Magnate
Mother Teresa (August 27,1910)
World Renowned Caregiver
Ingrid Bergman (August 28,1915)
American Actress
Sean Connery (August 25, 1930)
Scottish Film & Stage Actor
Sophia Loren (September 20,1934)
Italian Actress
Oliver Stone (September 15, 1945)
American Film Director: Platoon, JFK
Barry Gibb (September 1, 1946)
Manx Lead Singer of the Bee Gees
Tommy Lee Jones (September 15, 1946)
American Actor
Stephen King (September 21, 1947)
American Thriller Novelist
Richard Gere (August 31, 1949)
American Actor
Jimmy Connors (September 2, 1952)
American Tennis Champion
Gloria Estefan (September 1, 1957)
American Singer
Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958)
American Singer
Keanu Reeves (September 2, 1964)
Canadian Actor

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